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Welcome to VonVoy Travels

Imagine a custom, professional-grade travel experience infused with luxury details and vacation-long pampering. Picture phenomenal dining, five-star resorts, and entire days spent unwinding under hot rocks at the spa. All this and more, perfectly selected and suited to your tastes by a charismatic team that truly cares for their clients on a personal level. For some, it sounds too good to be true. But not for you. Because you’ve found VonVoy travels, where we put meticulous thought and care into each vacation we create. Itineraries are hand-crafted with client preferences considered every step of the way. No two are alike; because your paradise is your travel signature. Explore yours and say VonVoy-age to ordinary travel planning.   

VonVoy Travel Services

VonVoy Travels is committed to bringing you the vacation of your dreams. To do that, our booking services provide you with detailed planning, careful attention to detail, and care for clients and their needs. During our carefully curated consultation process, clients are able to make special requests for accommodations. This can include dietary restrictions, restricted mobility, and assistance for traveling with party members that may need more care. These special requests are taken into consideration when booking lodging, dining, and activities. No matter who we’re planning for, we can take your vacation to the next level without compromise.  

​Our services include:

  • Complimentary Trip Consultation 

  • Three Trip Itinerary Options 

  • Vacation Components Customization 

  • Reservation Management 

  • Destination and Trip Preparation 

  • Personalized Passenger Reminders and Tips 

  • Standby Service during Travel 

VonVoy Featured Destinations

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Travelling as a Group with VonVoy

VonVoy Travels is an expert when it comes to itinerary creation; when it comes to group travel coordination, our skills truly shine! We love creating the moment for destination weddings, family reunions, adults getaway trips, and women retreats! No matter the occasion, we set the tone the right way. Our personalized travel service is extended to every member of your group.

What our clients are saying...

Shivon is a life saving, vacation planning extraordinaire! I was so happy to have her assisting me with planning our honeymoon this year. She took care of everything and was super thorough even making sure to personally confirm all the details of things I booked independently!

Shivon is always super responsive and did a phenomenal job keeping me in line with covid testing timelines and travel requirements. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with Shivon and continue to stress my husband out with more vacation plans!

- Devonna, CT

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