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Booking Your Vacation with VonVoy

Booking a vacation with VonVoy Travels brings value to your vacation. You will travel confidently knowing your travel agent truly has your back. Throughout every step of the vacation planning and preparation process,  I am on your side making sure everything is on track for smooth travel. From behind-the-scenes check-ins on your air, seats, and resort reservations and standing-by for anything you need along the way, VonVoy truly takes care of you. When you become a client of ours, you'll see. 

Ready to start travel planning now?

How Booking With VonVoy Works

Through each and every step of the vacation booking process, we take care of your travel needs thoroughly with careful attention to detail. Booking vacations isn't for the faint of heart. From the time of planning through the time of packing, there is a lot to do. Taking a trip shouldn't be stressful for the travelers, and that's why most people choose to book through a professional! By allowing me to manage your reservations, your travels will be seamless and you will feel confident and relaxed on your way to paradise. 

Here's what you can expect when you trust VonVoy Travels with your trip.

Step One: Travel Request 

We ask that our clients first complete a travel request form. You can find that form here. This form will tell us a bit about you, your travel preferences, and what you have in mind for your dream vacation. After you complete your quick questionnaire, you will be prompted to schedule a 15-minute appointment with me so we can review your travel preferences and start to plan your perfect trip! 


Step Two: Travel Planning & Itinerary Creation

VonVoy researches and plans three vacation itinerary options for you to select from. You can expect those itineraries within 24-48 hours depending on the destination. 


Step Three: Itinerary Review

When your itineraries are sent over, I also include personal guidance as to what is the most value for your money and/or what is the experience. You can review those on your own or with me on a quick call, whichever works best for you! We can make custom tweaks here and there to personalize your trip from these choices! 


Step Four: Reservations

When you select a package, we send you a reservation booking form to sign off on the vacation choice and reserve the vacation and rates. Rates can change if this form and deposit aren't made within the certain time. 


Step Five: Travel Management 

VonVoy keeps a very careful eye on each and every reservation we manage, Trust us when we say you want us to manage your reservations because we notice everything. I will keep you informed on any reservation changes that could occur and help you navigate travel rules, regulations, and restrictions. 


Step Six: Trip Preparation

Not only do we manage your reservation but we also make sure you are readily confident to travel! Going to new destinations can be tricky, and being unprepared can make for a terrible time. Having a travel advisor on your side is best because we think of everything! Most likely I have been there, so I can let you know exactly how things work. 


Step Seven: Vacation Time

When it's time to go, the only thing you need to do is just be on time for your travel arrangements. Once you get there it's vacation mode only. Should any troubles arise, I am on your side to point you in the right direction to make things right. 

Looking for Your Next Trip's Destination?

VonVoy Travels is happy to help you create the perfect itinerary for you no matter where in the world you are looking to go. Let's start planning your next trip by completing this quick questionnaire and then scheduling your complimentary consultation.

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