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VonVoy Travels Agency

VonVoy Travels is a travel agency that is committed to your planning and preparing process. With a travel agent like our owner on your side, your vacation is guaranteed to be exactly what you need. VonVoy Travels specializes in the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, and other tropical travel destinations! We're happy to help you get to wherever you are interested in going. VonVoy Travels is committed to bringing you the vacation of your dreams.

Meet Our Owner & Expert Travel Advisor

Shivon Welch may have been born in Boston, but after living in Atlanta since 1990 and soaking up every bit of southern charm along the way, she’s a Georgia peach through and through. Her warm, charismatic spirit and determination to see every challenge to the end has gotten her far in her career--and the evidence of this spirit is in her personal life. Her husband may have started out as a bad first date, but eleven years later, her motto of “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” proves that it’s more than just a motto. 


For Shivon, it’s how she lives her life. Together, she and her husband share four wonderful children. He helped make her family dreams a reality, but that’s not all. If it weren’t for their marriage, she may not have even stumbled upon travel planning. Just like traveling the unknown, everything in Shivon’s life has had a way of falling into place just as it’s meant to, and everything happens for a reason.  


A bad experience with a poor travel agent planning her cruise wedding got Shivon thinking. She has always been the details woman when it came to planning travel for her family and friends. More than that, her extensive experience in sales and marketing meant she knew just how to make her clients comfortable and at ease. These clients would even be the ones sending her gifts! When she realized she could transfer her charisma to a new career path, she knew it meant becoming a better travel agent than the one she had. 


As expected, her reason to be a travel planner is her love of the people! The research, consulting with clients, and always leading with empathy are her strongest assets, along with her strong attention to detail. If there is one thing clients can expect from Von Voy Travels, it’s that VonVoy is on the top of the travel game. Between constant contact in emails as well as reminder texts for time-sensitive requirements, VonVoy is on it. This mix of genuine care for clients and meticulous planning sets VonVoy Travels a step above the rest. In the future, look forward to being invited to several Shivon-led group trips as VonVoy Travels grows. Someday soon, we’ll be able to say “Von Voyage” together! 


VonVoy's Travel Gallery

Shivon's travel taste and experience comes from countless trips of her own as well as booking thousands of trips for her clients! Below are some of our favorite travel moments. 

Let's stay in touch...

VonVoy Travels is happy to help make your trip planning process much smoother. Trust a professional with your travel arrangements; it's worth it! Let's stay connected online. Follow us or schedule an appointment on our contact page. 

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