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Where to Next?

There's a world of destinations to plan your trip to. VonVoy Travels specializes in the US, Mexico, Caribbean, and other tropical travel destinations! We're happy to help you get to wherever you are interested in going. Our expert service will ensure you are well prepared to get to your destination of choice and that your trip far exceeds your expectations. 

Explore our featured destinations to get inspired for your next trip!

Explore Our Top Destinations

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Sink into the sands of the Caribbean paradise that has it all - beaches, reefs, mountains, rainforests, and enough rum to take with you to keep the party going long after the adventure has ended. For those looking to unwind, this easygoing island is the top destination with features like native reggae, spiced, flavorful cuisine, and natural wonders that are just as lush and vibrant as the locals and culture. Water adventures await in the sparkling waves while forest waterfalls beg to be found in the daylight. When night falls, curl up beside a beach bonfire or stumble upon a local delight; you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Fall in love with the free and easy spirit of the Jamaican experience. 


Plan a vacation of unforgettable adventures surrounded by endless ocean in Mexico. There are hundreds of resorts to choose from in destinations like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and more. Enjoy warming beaches, poolside massages, and drink packages that will keep you satisfied, without the bill. Explore cities of all kinds; from ancient ruins to thriving marketplaces filled with locally-made souvenirs. And there’s nothing quite like authentic Mexican cuisine, between street vendors and beachside restaurants. You’ll never be far from the next greatest thing you’ve ever experienced.  

Image by Danny de Groot

Dominican Republic

Travelling to the Dominican Republic, specifically to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, is a timeless dream come true. Golden beaches paired with lush heat is the perfect recipe for a beautiful vacation. Lovers and families alike enjoy this destination with different resorts to suite each travelers' tastes. Find yourself poolside each day lounging in the warn sun sipping endless ice-cold cocktails. Your resort will have plenty of options for meals and entertainment. Or choose to hang in a more private setting with your travel partner. The Dominican Republic is just the place you may be looking for for the picture perfect vacation.



Tropical vacations are great, but Hawaii tops them all -- and it's right here in the United States - even better! Discover why the Hawaiian Islands are a top destination for romance and family vacations. Under palm trees, through flourishing rainforests, and up mountain stairways demonstrate exactly how magical Hawaii can be. There are a number of islands to choose from to ensure your vacation matches every expectation you have. Make it a surfing holiday, a leisurely resort getaway, or a rigorous set of excursions through dreamy Hawaiian backdrops. All the while, make sure to sample plenty of fresh coconut and pineapple delights. Then, wrap up your day of adventure (or pampering) with a toast under the stars - you won’t believe how bright they shine over the tropical waves.  


Sometimes one destination isn't enough. If you're considering island hopping, why not do it by boat? But not just some ordinary boat. A ship that's filled with different neighborhoods. There's plenty to do for every traveler onboard. Entertainment, meals, beverages, pools, clubs, and theaters are just some of the things you can do on the ship. But when you're off the ship and in destination, it's game on doing whatever you want to do. It's all about checking off your bucket list when you're adventuring with a cruise. If you'd rather sit back and relax, no problem. You can do that too. A cruise makes for a perfect vacation for everyone. 


Las Vegas

Glitz and glam; lights and activity - city vacations have their own charm that set them apart from other vacations. Las Vegas is the city of cities for that kind of adventure! From rolling the dice at casinos to shopping along the strip, this desert city is never short of entertainment. You can experience all manner of stage shows, michelin-star dining, and classic sites. With drinks flowing and slot machines dinging, this trip is ideal for an adults-only kind of getaway. Luxurious hotels and world-class buffets await in this thriving destination where memories are begging to be made.  

las vegas pool.jpg


A tropical vacation lined with swaying palm trees and stocked with resorts ready to pamper and luxuriate each guest. Hundreds of the most beautiful beaches in the world await, stretches of white sand as far as the eye can see. In between relaxing, check out world class sailing and the historical 18th-century dockyard. All this and more can be found on the Caribbean island of Antigua. The all-inclusive options are extensive and unforgettable, with options like the “World’s Most Romantic Resort.” Plus, festivities during the summer months mean the entertainment never has to stop. Check out why Antigua remains one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations.

St. Lucia

The beauty and wonder of St. Lucia extends from its highest peak to the depths of its colorful reefs. The Piton Mountains rise like a beacon from the island, giving it its hallmark silhouette against the blue island sky. Gazing at the island below from these mountain trails gives you views you can’t even imagine. Sulphur springs inside volcanoes will exfoliate and wrap you in spa-like luxury from the most natural source it can possibly come from. Pair these natural enchantments with local pleasures like island-grown chocolate. Then, tour history and immerse yourself in the rich background of this island and its natives. There are a hundred reasons to add this destination to your bucket list; see for yourself why it deserves that place! 



The picturesque island of Aruba has more than just island attractions to keep visitors coming back for more. As a certified agent in Aruba travel, VonVoy knows this better than anyone. A thriving art scene, dynamic architecture, and social activities keep the entertainment thriving all vacation long. The natural wonders leave much more to explore outside of the urban sites as well. Arikok National Park thrives with lush trails and hidden caves to stumble upon. Hidden beaches promise the best wind-surfing of your life. All this adventure and more, paired with all-inclusive and upgradable accommodations. Discover all that makes Aruba one of the brightest jewels of the Caribbean!

Looking for Your Next Destination?

VonVoy Travels is happy to help you create the perfect itinerary for you no matter where in the world you are looking to go. Let's start planning your next trip by completing this quick questionnaire and then scheduling your complimentary consultation.

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